21 November 2016

Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard - Gortoz A Ran

I originally blogged this song in 2009 and 2010 when it was used as the background audio for a tsunami video and for a Black Hawk Down video.  Reblogging now because the original links have undergone linkrot.  This version has the advantage of including the lyrics (in Breton and English) at the YouTube link.


  1. I really like both singers too. I don't know if your cd included the translation, but it's quite beautiful too (the song is in breton).
    A long time ago, I discovered Denez Prigent with this song. You might also enjoy it. Then I went to a concert, around 1998 I think, and it was simply magic. He has a very powerful voice.

  2. My CD is "Irvi," the insert of which has all the lyrics... in Breton. I suppose I could find the English with a little searching, but I'm delighted with it the way it is.

    "Te Eliz Iza" is not on mine. Tx for the link.

  3. i've basically been reading your blog all night...it's fantastic...i wanted to share this with you in case you weren't aware: lisa gerrard is the most talented woman ever...before she went solo and did soundtracks she was in a band called dead can dance...this is a picture from a compilation CD they put out in 1991


    i saw this picture of the butterfly wing somewhere on here already, so i thought you might appreciate that too...


  4. Sublime ~ pictures and voices.


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