30 October 2009

"Puttin' on the Ritz"

Fred Astaire is fantastic in this sequence. He was never a "crooner" and it's unfortunate that the director asked him to sing the intro. But watch - beginnng at the 1:30 mark - when the singing starts and the dancing begins... Outstanding.

BTW, this video is high enough definition to justify watching fullscreen... Enjoy!

The Gene Wilder/Peter Boyle parody is offered as a humorous tribute.


  1. I love the old dance movies where the camera doesn't cut away for long sequences. You can really appreciate the artistry.

    Check out the Nicholas Brothers for athletic tap dancing!

  2. I can dance like that and I frequently do...IN MY DREAMS!

  3. Show much talent. Every time I see Fred Astaire I'm blown away.

    I hadn't thought about it until Tracy mentioned it, but the old-fashioned camera work is better than today's hyperactive style with lots of rapid cuts.

  4. I love how in Young Frankenstein, the genteel audience came prepared with lettuce to hurl at the stage.

  5. I think of Fred Astaire as one of the best jazz singers of his age. He may not have had a crooner's voice, but he sang with feeling and great timing. Just like his dancing.


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