30 September 2008

Why House members voted the way they did on The Bailout - Part 1

Among 38 incumbent congressmen in races rated as "toss-up" or "lean" by Swing State Project, just 8 voted for the bailout as opposed to 30 against: a batting average of .211.

By comparison, the vote among congressmen who don't have as much to worry about was essentially even: 197 for, 198 against.

Remember, telephone calls to congressional offices were running about 100 to 1 against this bill.

And he updates his own post:

UPDATE: A helpful reader named Matt Glassman passed along the fact that, among 26 congressmen NOT running for re-election (almost all of whom are Republicans), 23 voted in favor of the bill, as opposed to 2 against and one abstaining.

UPDATE: Ben Smith notes that John McCain's entire home-state delegation voted against the bill. Half of Obama's did, too.

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